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Luckily, I suppose, I was not the one who got appendicitis.  I got a call from my parents Friday afternoon shortly after I got out of class, saying that they were on their way to Gainesville because Roy had tentatively been diagnosed with appendicitis.

He had started having bad stomach pains Thursday evening, and when he called my dad the next morning, my dad told him to go to the urgent-care facility in Gainesville.  From there, they recommended he go to the hospital.  So my parents loaded up and got up there in time for him to be going in for a CT scan where they officially diagnosed him.  He went under the knife around 7:30pm Friday night for an emergency appendectomy.

Everything went great with his surgery and they released him from the hospital after just an overnight stay.  My parents brought him home, and he has an excused absence for the week from school, but he's hoping to go back on Tuesday.  Though he's doing great, I don't know if he'll be well enough to walk the millions of miles across UF's campus to go to class in the heat.  If it was Florida Tech, maybe, UF, I don't know.

He's still in a lot of pain and is having numerous struggles.  But he's doing great.  Not that it was great that it happened at all, but at least it happened going into a weekend, so he has more buffer time before missing school.  He was very lucky though, to catch it before his appendix ruptured.  I worry about him, but I know he's doing good.  I feel bad for Yvette, because she's all alone up there while he's at home.  But then I know EXACTLY how she feels since I was in the same situation in May and June.  At least she'll get to see her man again in a few days...  I miss mine and want to see him desperately.  Have a great day.

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