Hello All,

So I've never really blogged before, but I decided to do it as entertainment this summer since I'm going to be bored a lot, well at least in the next few weeks.  And anyone who chooses to follow this, can keep up with me a little bit.

Yesterday I moved into my summer residence...and well, its not very appealing, pretty, exciting, or clean.  I have at least one roommate as far as I know (I think one moved out last night, but I have NO IDEA.)  I'm also the closest to being completely on my own as I was when I started at Florida Tech.  Oh, and there's no cable.  Which means Sarah can't watch sports, or any tv for that matter.  Oh, and the Eastern Conference Finals are happening right now (GO MAGIC!).  So it's fun...not.

My room is still a work in progress, though I'm not sure that I'm going to really unpack anything else, unless I need something in particular. 

Here's a couple of pics:
My bed
Ignore the huge pile of crap to the left of the desk...the girl I'm renting the room from didn't COMPLETELY move out.
To sum up the basis of this post:  I'm bored and lonely.  I desperately miss my friends and family who aren't in Melbourne.  One in particular who is going through some trying times, and I worry that I'm bothering on the rare occasion I get to talk to him.  But, as the saying goes, I must "press on regardless."

Expect sports, music, and weather analysis to come!  Have a great day.

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