So I'm blogging about happy things because I pretty much had a horrible day.

Ok, so these are good Christmas (yes, I know it's a little late for this) or birthday ideas.  I was stupid and bought the wrong size shirt when I saw Muse back in here's the other shirt I want to replace it lol.
I also really like this necklace.  I just wish I knew about how large the pendant was and how long the chain is...but I like it just the same.
They both can be purchased at Muse's US Shop (under 2010 Merch) found at this link:

Ugh.  So it's exam week, and I only have one more exam left, on Friday, so I have tomorrow off.  And then I get to have an epically amazing time next week in St. Augustine and everywhere in between with an equally epically amazing person.

I can't wait! Have a great day.

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