It's always hard to say goodbye.  Especially to your best friend.  Forever.

Today I lost my best friend of 11 years.  Sadie May, you will be dearly missed, and I love you so very, very much.  You were the best dog for our family, and a major part of it.
While we may have had our disagreements, like when you had your doggie PMS moments, but you were always my companion, best model, and protector.  Even if you and I were kind of on the outs after you snapped at me a few weeks ago, I still loved you, and always will.

You may have been afraid of thunder and lightning, the wood floors, and Daddy's "angry" voice, but you certainly were brave.  You were strong through 4+ years of breast cancer.  You battled it down till the final day, not letting it get you down until a few weeks ago.

I'm going to miss my "pretty puppy", "fluffy stuff the puff", "Sagey", and every other stupid, cutesy name we called you, that you still answered to.

You were always ready for "SUPPER!!!" and snackies and treats.  We spoiled you so much in the later years, even allowing you to become nearly an inside dog.

No matter how long I had been preparing myself for this day (since they day I learned she had cancer), its no easier to bear.  I miss you Sadie, and I love you.

Have a great day.
RIP Sadie (5/99-11/10)

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