So guess who can't sleep when she has to get up in less than 7 hours for DIEnamics?  ME!  So guess who's

Ok, so I think I'm having an identity crisis.  First off, I really like who I am as a person right now.  I accept my flaws, but I also feel like I'm doing something right with my life, and persevering through tough times.  Overall, I like who I am, which is a big step for me.  It also helps that I've got a couple of great people (especially one in particular) who support me and will be there with me through the thick and thin.  Love you guys. <3

I have become stronger in my beliefs (in general) and that has better allowed me to get to know myself.  And to learn that I don't need to change for people, they can like me for who I am, or not like me at all, end of story.

I guess because of who I am now, I'm worried about the coming months of job interviews, networking, and interacting with folks who are more than just my peers.  I actually have to care what these people think about me.  And I'm worried about how I come across.  

Deep down inside, my dream has always been to move to North Florida or Georgia, somewhere rural, where I would then commute to work, and live out my idealistic lifestyle.  But as the real world is encroaching on my doorstep, I'm worried about whether that dream is even feasible.  

There aren't many available options in the meteorological field job-wise right now, so I would basically have to be willing to go where the job is.  And I used to imagine that and be ok with it, knowing that I still had plenty of time to think about it.  Well, I'm graduating in a little less than 8 months and honestly, I'm freaking out.

My dream was to live a simple lifestyle (yeah, it probably doesn't help that I've been listening hardcore to country music for over a year and had that idea firmly planted in my head).  And I feel like things will be really weird if I end up anywhere out of the southeast.  Honestly, I wish I had either a stronger Southern accent or none at all.  I don't know how I sound to other people, but I don't want it to sound forced (when its not) or like I'm putting on.  Besides Floridians "aren't supposed to have accents," which isn't true.

I want to grow up, marry a good Southern boy (preferably; he'll get me more than a Yankee or any one else), and have if not my dream job, one I at least enjoy, and raise a family.

Anyway...the reason all of this is on my mind is because I'm taking my resume to be reviewed and critiqued tomorrow in preparation for the Career Fair next Tuesday and the interest meeting I'm attending for a company called Universal Weather and  Aviation on Monday night.  AND potentially the AMS conference in January.  So I get to stress about real life in addition to the hell Laz will probably put us through tomorrow since we all failed his test.  And with that, I will stop for the time being, and sleep so I can actually stay awake in that class.  Have a great day.

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