Job Interview - Weather Forecasting by WXchick7
Tomorrow I head down to Vero Beach for my first ever job interview.  Surprisingly, I'm not that nervous.  I also still have over 12 hours to get nervous, lol.  I almost don't want to practice potential interview questions, because I am better at improvising then memorization.  And I KNOW I will get all flustered if I can't remember what I was supposed to say.  And who even knows what questions I'll be asked.  So I'm pretty much going in blind. 
And excuse me while I laugh at the irony/cheesiness of the fact that the map my potential supervisor sent me was made using GIS, which is what the internship is, lol. A GIS internship.
In other news, I'm again contemplating getting a Twitter account.  Mainly so I can link it to this site.  Mainly to have a constantly updating thing so that even when I don't have the time to sit down and write an entry, I can at least keep it updated.  And I know no one has as awesome of an account name as WXchick7.

Also, next week is Spring Break and I am definitely looking forward to some free time to relax and spending some much needed time with my boyfriend! :)

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.  Have a great day.

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