So I am officially obsessed with  Yes, I know, it's horrible.  I finally caved in and am now one of those people that buy their textbooks online.  I ordered my Hydrology book on Amazon and I believe it came in today finally (I got the notice, just didn't make it to the mailroom in time).  

Slowly but surely the top half of the case on my phone has been falling apart -- all the claspy thingys have fallen off but one.  And since the only place I can buy a replacement case is online, I figured I'd look on Amazon.  I was stuck in a draw between these two cases:
Lime green! (I don't know why this pic is so much larger)
Black rubberized by Body Glove
Both are pretty awesome (and the green will be my fallback in case I don't like the black), but I ended up ordering the black one.  It had much better reviews and many more orders than the green one.  It's supposed to get here sometime between September 7 and September 10.  I wish it would get here

But yeah, so I also started listing a bunch of my old textbooks online as well, since my mom had been pestering me to do something about them.  I've listed nine books I think and I sold four last week, all within three days of listing them.  I'm afraid I missed the "textbook window" slightly and will have to attempt to sell them again going into the Spring semester.  So we will see.

It's been an adventure to say the least!  Have a great day.

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