Well first off, I'll be interested to see what time/date this entry actually posts as since its a little after 11pm and I'm not sure I will finish by midnight...lol

Ok, anyway.  So I know, I've been neglecting this blog...but I mean I've been busy.  So busy in fact, I should be writing my methods and introduction for one of the four papers I have due in the next week, not writing this blog entry...but obviously you can see where my priorities are. 

An brief update of what I've done since I last wrote here:

     -I launched a radiosonde (weather balloon)
     -I storm chased, multiple times...for SCHOOL! :D
     -I went to a friend's wedding shower and reception
     -I visited another friend who recently had surgery and is recovering (I wish
         him well! <3)

Basically, the reason I am writing this blog is to ask everyone out there that reads this (haha, good joke Sarah, good joke) what they think of this idea:

Do you think receiving a book of letters is romantic?  My fear is that because of what I would probably write to him would only be maybe 50% romantic, the rest would be random stuff that happens to me, similar to what I write here.  Any advice/suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Any other ideas for keeping romance alive when you cannot talk on the phone, text, regularly keep in touch via the computer (basically my options are snail mail or driving 150 miles), I would love to hear! 

I'll leave you with this: me helping inflate the radiosonde balloon.  Have a great day.
Yes, it was really awkward to hold and I was afraid my arms were going to give out.

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