So, for most of the world who isn't obsessed with tornadoes and storm chasing, you may not have heard about the controversial event that occurred on Wednesday (5/19).  Ok, now I'll assume that you may be familiar with the Discovery Channel show, "Storm Chasers", that has had three rather successful seasons, all of which I have watched.  My dad and I have always been intrigued by Sean Casey, and his TIV, Tornado Intercept Vehicle.  And even as I watched the show, I recognized the recklessness of this individual and his disregard for science. 

Joshua Wurman, of the CSWR (Center for Severe Weather Research), has always been the scientist behind the TIV on "Storm Chasers", telling Sean where to go, so that he can get his money shot for his IMAX movie, many years in the making.  Wurman issued a statement today about how the TIV is not at all associated with the VORTEX2 project, that is occurring through the beginning of June.  This was in response to a video posted on YouTube that shows the TIV and his crew driving recklessly.

See the video here:
The final vehicle in the armada has a CSWR decal on it, which Wurman made sure to state was not an authorized vehicle. 

There has been a lot of critical discussion in the last 48 hours since the event occurred.  Other folks have come out concerning the recklessness of inexperienced chasers, as well as chasers who do it for the thrill, and not for
science.  Experienced forecasters and chasers are saying that the main danger of chasing right now is other chasers, not the storms themselves.  As much as I would love to be out there chasing, I know to do it intelligently.  There are too many unprofessional chasers out there who don't know what they are doing and being completely unsafe and potentially endangering others.

I have no idea how to prevent this from happening, or how to regulate those on the road.  Except to continue to stress the safety impacts that inexperienced chasers can bring to the table.  And to cancel shows like "Storm Chasers".  Yes, its great entertainment, but its also encouraging people to pursue severe weather in an unsafe manor.  The Weather Channel and all sources of media in
general, need to stop the superfluous coverage that attracts thrill-seekers.

My dream is to one day chase tornadoes in the Midwest.  I just hope that whatever comes from this weeks events doesn't hinder me from reaching my goal.  I'd love to hear anyone's opinions on this occurrence, and I can provide you to any further links/information.  Have a great day.

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