It still hasn't quite hit me yet that tomorrow is the first day of my senior year of college.  Really?  It's been three years already?  It's nuts how much time has passed and yet it feels like just yesterday (or maybe last year) that I was in high school.

I'm hoping this semester won't kill me.  But then I'm also taking my first semester of Atmospheric DIEnamics (or Dynamics if you're boring).  And Dr. Lazarus is the professor for that class...and he expects a lot out of his students...especially ones he me...

I'm also taking Probability and Statistics, Environmental Hydrology, Remote Sensing for Meteorology, Physical Oceanography, and the corresponding Phys. Oce. Lab.  Tomorrow I just have Prob. and Stats. and the lab, so hopefully not a horrible day.  And they're both in Skurla, so I don't have to go anywhere.

So far, so good though.  I like my roommate a lot, and I'm pretty sure we'll get along really well.  I definitely feel like something's missing though and I know exactly what that thing is.  I'm just trying to press on regardless from that respect, but it's hard when at every turn there is something to remind me of better days.

Oh well, I'll try and update you tomorrow on how the first day went!  Have a great day.

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