Or at least I hope they're improvements!

Anyone who has ever visited the site before will notice the changes to the Home page, as well as the additional pages added with weather forecasts for selected sporting events and a News Archive of all stories posted on the Home page.  For example, if you look at the News Archive page now, you'll see the story from where my lightning photos were featured on Weather Underground's Approver's Choice photo gallery last weekend.  Another change includes the photo in the header at the top of each page, which is now a photo taken by me! :)

After looking around on the internet and seeing what other folks have done, I decided to change the direction of this site a bit.  Originally it was purely so I could blog and feature my more creative side (which doesn't show up very often).  Now I want to post regular forecasts for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events, as well as the forecast for each game on the Florida Gator's football schedule.

I will still continue to blog (hopefully on a more regular basis, lol), but I couldn't say yet if in-depth forecasts will appear in the blog, or just on the home page.  Keep your eyes out for continuous changes on the site.  Have a great day.

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