About Me

I grew up on a cattle ranch in St. Cloud, FL.

I am a native Floridian, and a Southerner through and through.

I currently attend Florida Tech, where I am studying meteorology.

I love thunderstorms, lightning, clouds; everything to do with the weather.

One day I hope to be able to chase tornadoes in the Midwest and further scientific knowledge concerning tornado formation and the development of earlier alert systems.

I am an avid sports fan.  I can watch NASCAR, football, and basketball anytime, anywhere; no matter what teams are playing.

My favorite sports teams/athletes are:
     Bobby Labonte
     Florida Gators
     Orlando Magic

I'm a big trivia and statistics nut, especially when it comes to sports.

I also love listening to music.  I've listened to a wide variety of music in the last few years.  I primarily listen to various forms of rock and country music.

I rediscovered country music about a year ago, and am still in love with it. 

My all-time favorite bands are:
     Collective Soul

I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading, watching sports, going to the beach, joy-riding, wasting time on the internet, and listening to music.