I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog...and the entire website in general this week...lol.  This week has just been nuts with the quantity of homework I had to do.  I thought I got really ahead last week, and I did...but I didn't anticipate exactly HOW long the Hydrology homework I had would take...and then I procrastinated on Monday...  But I got it all done now.  And I'm already ahead on homework due next week too...though that probably won't last very long.  I 
also have my first Atmospheric Dynamics (DIEnamics) exam on Tuesday...so I'll be spending a lot of time studying for that this weekend.

Ok, so things of interest...first off, my second and third articles were published in the Crimson this week.  The following link is for my first major article about the new energy saving air-conditioning system the school is putting in.


The second article was just a feature on one of the well-loved staff members in my department.  Since not all articles are published on the internet, that particular one was not one of the chosen ones.

In other news, we could potentially be having a tropical storm bearing down on us this time next week.  For the last week, I have been watching the GFS forecast model for potential storm tracks in our near future.  First, it predicted the formation of what is now Tropical Storm Matthew (and even predicted its landfall in Central American, and its following demise.  The next storm however is predicted to form just south of Cuba early next week before curving around to the north east to make landfall in Florida around October 2.  

So we'll just have to wait and see what the soon to be formed Nicole does in the next few days.  Based on what the model said on Wednesday (I didn't get a chance to check it yesterday or today), the intensity of the storm would only be at Category 1, borderline Cat. 2.  So who knows what will happen in the next few days, I'll certainly be storm tracking.  Have a great day.

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